about Me

Liberty has studied: (IT) and HYBRID Business Bsc Honours at The University of East London ( Uel ) England Liberty has got knowledge in the area of traditional business method to Jet age; by bringing business across the Globe through information technology, these Idea implemented mainly in practical throughout the period of studies. Liberty has got wide knowledge of computer programming as well as computer networking, Professional issue on IT , Digital Forensic, Web and graphic designer, data base management, Branding, E-business and international Marketer…….

Gabriel Liberty Has studied: ( AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING WITH MANAGEMENT) @ THE UNIVERSITY OF GREENWICH (LONDON) ENGLAND. ( A member of EEE Uk, Electrical Electronics Engineering.

Liberty is technically equipped, logical thinker, creative, problem solver, solutions giver and has got what it takes to engineering application.

Gabriel LIBERTY Has studied @ Greenwich Community College (LONDON uk) HIGH DIPLOMA Automotive Engineering/ IMI AWARD / IMIAL

Gabriel Liberty Has studied at DEKRA AKEDEMY MUNICH, West Germany and has got Diploma on ( Transports and Logistic management ).